10 Fun Ideas For Your Hens Party Activities

(That isn’t just the strippers!)

When it comes to getting married, the hens or bachelorette party is a tradition. The concept of throwing the bride-to-be a party with all of her closest girls has been done for decades. That being said, the way in which we celebrate them is changing. With more options available to choose from, it makes tailoring the activities to suit the bride that much easier. Whilst we aren’t saying that the times of organising a stripper have passed, what we are saying is that there are more options out there!

Think about the bride’s hobbies or what she likes to do with her spare time, this will give you indicators as to what activities to potentially include as part of the day’s celebrations. It is always a good idea to keep the guest list in mind when deciding on activities to partake in as well.  And anything way left of field, maybe run it by the bride (or someone close to her) first to get the tick of approval.

1. Shake Ya Tailfeathers

It’s time to shake what your mumma gave you! Before hitting the club why not learn a new dance routine and freshen up those dance moves? From Twerk and Pole Dancing, to even a Burlesque Class there are options no matter what your style! Plus, if you’re wanting something a little bit different try a Hula-Hoop Class - they’re guaranteed to be loads of laughs!

2. Get Creative

For those who have that creative flair or just like learning a new skill, these are the activities for you! Put pen to paper and try your hand at a Life Drawing Class. To level up on that try Drag and Draw, hosted by the fabulous Wonder Mama, you’ll be in good hands as you create your masterpiece! If painting isn’t your thing, check out a Flower Crown Workshop. You’ll receive expert guidance on how to create your floral crown and sip on some sparkling as you work wonders! And for those looking for something a little cheeky there is Erotic Pottery, where you can mould, shape, smooth and erect your final piece of mastery! This class will teach you how to work with air dry natural clay so you have a lovely memento for you to take home at the end.

3. Set Sail

All aboard ladies! Organising a boat trip as part of your hens party activities is a great option to suit everyone. Whether your Boat Cruise is all about the hottest views (both the scenery and the topless waiters), or a Catamaran Cruise with the finest food and wine, you really can’t go wrong! If you want to try your hand at captaining your own ship, we’ve got options for that too. Picnic boats can be organised where you’ll be at the helm, all whilst enjoying a picnic basket on board.

4. Badass Babes

Paintball may be a rite of passage for the bucks party, but girls don’t let the boys have all the fun! If you’re wanting to shoot something up, there are options for Paintball or Clay Shooting, and for those looking for something a little left-of-centre there is Archery Attack (like paintball but less pain and paint, using padded bows and arrows).

For those who need a little bit of a release, there’s Axe Throwing. Maybe the wedding planning is leaving you feeling a little stressed? Nothing that throwing an axe at a target won’t fix, trust us!

5. Pamper Party

Are you looking to take it slow and have a little me time with all your BFFs? Organising a Spa Session and treating yourselves to massages, facials, and body polishing could be just what you need! Tailor the treatment sessions to suit your schedule, from a quick morning refresh to a whole day of pampering. Another fun option is to organise a Mini Makeover for you and the girls. A mobile make-up session that comes to you, to get you all glitzed and glammed and ready for the day or night ahead!

6. Water Baby

For those who love all things to do with the water, including some watersports in the hens party celebrations is a must! Whether you all enjoy a guided Kayak Tour, or up the pace and get involved in a Jet Ski Safari, don’t be afraid to dive right in and enjoy. You could all even take a Learn to Surf Lesson and see who has the skills to carve up the swell and hang ten!

7. Drink Up

Whilst there is more to a hens party than popping bottles, there is no reason not to enjoy a drink or too! Start the day off with a Bottomless Brunch (just remember to pace yourself - it’s still early ladies), or head out for the day on a Winery Tour and enjoy the vineyards. If wine isn’t your vibe, then there are options for Brewery Tours, and Whiskey or Gin Tastings too. Why not even try your hand at making your own concoction, in a Cocktail Making Class?

8. For the Foodie

How good is food right? Instead of working your meals around all of your activities why not make food the activity? Spend the whole day on a private Gourmet Food Tour, or spend the afternoon soaking up some sun with a delectable Pop Up Picnic for you and the girls to enjoy! Of course, we can’t forget the classic High Tea, known for its class, and elegance, and did someone say scones?

9. Sporty Spice

We all have a competitive streak, just some are slightly bigger than others! If you’ve got a bride-to-be that loves a bit of friendly competition there’s no reason you can’t throw a game or two in the mix of the celebrations! Depending on your sport of choice, there are plenty of options. From cocktail fuelled Indoor Mini-Golf to TopGolf (a driving range on steroids), there are options that should keep any keen golfer happy. Maybe you want to try a game of Barefoot Bowls, or live in the fast lane and strap in for some Go-Karting!

10. Feeling Cheeky

Are we leaving the best to last? We know we said earlier that it’s not all about the strippers, but we couldn’t go past throwing a few cheeky options in there as well! Why not throw in a Topless Waiter or a Butler in the Buff, I mean someone has to serve you the food and drinks right? We also have the traditional Male Revue Show, with extra special VIP treatment for the bride-to-be! To top it all off, some slightly unique activities are available, such as a Puppetry of the Penis Show or a Sex Toy Party. I think that just about wraps it all up!

All in all, whilst this isn’t an exhaustive list of activities, hopefully it has given you some fun ideas to include when planning the hens day! A few things to remember, whilst there are so many options, try to narrow it down and select just a couple. There is nothing worse than an over-planned day where everyone is rushing around between activities because the day is just too jam-packed! Also potentially think about how you will all get to and from different locations and have some pre-planned options for transport. Finally, it could be a wise idea to consider accommodation options, particularly for guests traveling far or if your activities are a little out of town.

If you’re needing just a bit more advice and info, check out our previous post on how to plan the perfect hens party!

Until next time,

House of Hens xox

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