16 Hilarious Hen’s Party Games

Ok, so you’ve planned the most perfect hen’s party for the bride-to-be. You’ve organised the theme, the location, the guest list, the “entertainment”, but what about the games!?

Hen’s party games are something that can really be the cherry on top of an already fabulous party! It adds a unique element to the celebrations, which can really elevate the day/night from just another girls get together! However, we get it there’s a lot to think about when planning this party, and you might be pushed for time to also come up with or to traipse the internet to find some fun games for the girls. So, we have put together a list of some of the most popular hen’s party games, so all you need to do is pick some favourites and slot them into the party! They range from naughty to nice, so pick what suits the hen’s personality and the vibe of the party best, and you can be sure to bring some laughter and liveness to the event!

Ice breaker - A great way to start the celebrations and get everyone bonding with each other, is to place conversation starters onto the bottom of everyone’s glasses. These questions could include things like;
● What’s your favourite memory of the bride-to-be?
● What are three words the bride-to-be would use to describe you?
● Do you have a party trick and what is it?
● If you were to be a cocktail what would it be?

Two truths and a lie - Another good way to warm up the crowd is to play this simple yet effective game. Get everyone to think up 3 statements about themselves, 2 being factual and 1 being, you guessed it, a lie! Now go around the circle stating your 3 ‘facts’ and get the group to pick out the lie!

Lucky chance dance - You’ll need to write down a bunch of current songs on separate pieces of paper and place them all into a bowl. When the party is getting started get everyone to pick out a random song from a bowl. From here on out, if your chosen song is played you are required to dance to every last second of it! This one is best played if you’re heading out for the night, however, can be played from home if you are wanting more of a private party.

Face your fears - This is basically a big game of truth or dare, except there are only dares. Get everyone involved to write down different dares, and then as the night progresses, the maid of honour picks dares at random and someone is the lucky lady that has to do it!

Hen’s scavenger hunt - An excellent activity that gets everyone involved! Put your heads together and come up with things that you need to try and accomplish during the party/the night out. The guests can work as individuals or as teams to try and tick as many things off their list as they can as the party proceeds. Some list items could include;
● Getting a stranger to serenade you
● Taking a photo with an emergency services personnel
● Getting a round of drinks for free
● Swapping an item of clothes with a random
● Getting a song dedicated to the bride

Pass the package - This can be played with several various items, from balloons to fruit to adults-only objects. Basically, you split into two teams and have to pass the object from person to person using only your chin. No hands involved, so you’re going to have to get up close and personal and get creative ladies! If under the chin is a little too close for comfort, play with a balloon between your knees and try passing this between each teammate, still no hands allowed!

Pinata - Don’t let the kids have all the fun! There are plenty of different shapes of pinatas, and I’m sure you can find one that’s going to be just right for a hen’s night, if you get my drift (*cough* penis pinata *cough*). Play the game as you would traditionally, but instead of candy on the inside, all the guests can write down pieces of marriage advice for the newlyweds!

Burst my balloon - Splitting into teams, each person has a balloon pre-filled with air. The aim of the game is for each team member to burst their balloon quickly, as the team who can burst all their balloons first, wins. You can play a number of different ways. You can tie it around your waist and then run-up to a chair and then you have to try and sit on the balloon to burst it. Or you have to hold the balloon and use the teammate in front of you to burst it between your two bodies, no hands allowed.

Pin the ‘tail’ on the male - just like pinning the tail on the donkey, but you know more R rated. Blindfold each guest up, give them a spin and away we go!

Mr and Mrs - A classic, but who can go past it! Prepare first by asking the groom-to-be several questions before the party, then keep his answers handy. During the party give the hen the spotlight and then ask her the same set of questions and see if they come up with the same answers! Questions could include;
● Where did the couple meet?
● What date did the groom propose?
● What did the couple do for their first date?
● What is the most annoying habit about the other person?
● What would your partner say is your best feature?

Post-it note game - This can be played in a number of ways. You can get quite nostalgic and write down a memory that you have with the bride, or you could get a little cheeky and write down your most embarrassing moment. All notes are placed into a bowl and then it is up to the bride to pull out the post-its and read them out to the group. If it is a memory with the bride, the group is to choose who the memory belongs to. Or if it’s an embarrassing moment, it is up to the bride to pick who that belongs to.

Never have I ever - A classic drinking game! Ensure everyone has their cups/glasses filled then go around the room as each person makes a statement that starts with, never have I ever. If you have done the said statement you must take a sip of your drink! This could include things such as;
● Never have I ever gone skinny dipping
● Never have I ever ghosted someone
● Never have I ever gone on a blind date
● Never have I ever been catfished

Celebrity heads - Print out 10 photos of celebrity couples and stick the bride-to- be and her future hubby’s heads over their faces. It’s now up to the guests to try and pick who the celebrities are behind the faces!

Bridal trivia - Find out just how well the bride’s family and friends really know her! Play as individuals or split into teams and ask a series of questions about the bride's life and see who really knows her best!

Romcom charades - Just like the standard charades except you’ll only be acting out wedding/romcom films!

Prosecco pong - Like beer pong, except with champagne, we know, original right!? So you don’t need a ping pong table just use a long dining table or bar table. Set up plastic cups filled with your drink of choice into formation (the traditional shape is triangular). Then split into two teams at either end and take turns throwing a ping pong ball into the other team's cups. Rules generally are, if the ball is on the full you can’t tamper with it, however, if it has bounced you can try and hit it away. Try your best to distract the other team members and keep all your cups in play!

These games can be incorporated into both the hen’s party and even the bridal shower, although you may want to pick the more tame ones for that event! Either way, tailor each game to the personality of the bride-to-be and we’re sure you and the girls are in for a fun time!

Until next time

House of Hens xox

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