How to host an unforgettable hen’s day for the bride-to-be

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Classy, modern, and sophisticated – and we’re not just talking about your bride-to-be! If you’ve been given the honour of organising a hens party for your bestie, sister, or cousin, House of Hens has the low-down on the biggest bachelorette trends for 2019 – no tacky games in sight, we promise!

Throwing a tasteful party before she graduates from Miss to Mrs is all about the little details! Here are our top 5 trends we know will be huge in twenty nineteen for the classy future Mrs.

Trend #1: Flower Crowns
Flowers, bubbles, the girls and a crowns worth the queens creating them! One of the most popular hens party ideas that we LOVE seeing is flower crowns. It’s the ultimate symbol of romance and femininity: two essential features for a girls-only hens day. Flower crown workshops are the perfect mid-afternoon activity that even the MIL to be will approve of!

Trend #2: Winery Weekends Away
Forget Las Vegas: spending the weekend away with the best of the best of your gal pals drinking amazing wines, eating cheese and chatting all things that need discussing before the big day, the must cover girl topics (what groomsmen are single, what uncle to watch and confirm what can and can't be mentioned in the MOH speech! ) Explore the outdoors in complete style with a full glass of bubbles at all times!

Trend #3: Hens night in
Who says you need to spend a night on the town to enjoy one last hurrah? Save the dance shoes for the wedding night! Indulge in a well-deserved pampering sesh and host a gal’s night in. We LOVE this trend of lounging around in cute matching pyjama sets + robes and sitting in front of the TV to watch the bride’s favourite chick flicks. But I hear you ask, umm we need drinks it’s a hens party, well we at XXX can bring the bar and if wanted the entertainment to you! It's like a sleepover but you can legally drink and mum won't tell you to go to bed!

Trend #4: Nude drawing
The whole magic mike trend is a little 2009, but this does not mean the modern bride does not appreciate the male physic! So grab some pre-game bubbles, dust of the beret and try your hand at Nude drawing!!  We guarantee fits of giggles and some very interesting interpretations of the model in question! 

Trend #5: Twerking classes
Its time to call on your inner cardi B and twerk your way into the wedding day! Can you think of a better way to start the “ultimate girls” night then learning to shake it like Beyonce! The groom wont know what hit him when its time for the first dance!!
Each hen is different and what they want for their last night of freedom will be different, so chat with your hen (not her mother or future mother in law we are sure they have had enough to say about the seating arrangements) and then give us a call at 1800 901 885 so we can help you, the best friend, the MOH, sister and most trust person to the future bride and send her of in true style, her style!

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Victoria Jeffery
Hens Party Specialist

Victoria is our in-house self-proclaimed "Hens Party Guru". Not one to shy away from a good time, she has been the chief planner of many happy hens events.

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