18 Tips for a Perfect Hens


Hosting a hen’s party can be a pretty big job, many a maid of honour has come to us looking for some tips and advice. Below we have listed 18 of the most popular tips, and tricks. Keep this list on hand for the big night, so you have some great backup on the day.


1.Involve the bride in the planning stages

(Or, if you’re the hen, tell your bridesmaids what you want then leave the rest to them.)

Make sure you have a chat with the hen about who she wants to invite, where she wants to go and what kind of things she wants to do. While we love surprising the hen, make sure you’re not booking in a boat cruise when she hates being out on the water and is likely to spend most of the day fighting back seasickness rather than enjoying the view. It’s also important to get a feel for how she feels about strip shows, topless waiters, and male revue shows. Some hens love all of it, some like to enjoy from afar (no getting called up on stage for her!) and some would rather not have anything to do with it.


2.Weekend away?

If you are planning to go somewhere for a weekend away, 2 nights is always a good idea. No one wants to sit on a plane the morning after the biggest night they’ve had all year. Take your time, no need to rush home. Give yourself an extra day for some brunching and relaxing before you hop on a plane again.


3.Take lots of photos!

There is nothing worse than getting home after an ama-a-zing weekend with your squad and having no photos of the girls all together. So make sure you take lots of photos on the night. On that note, make sure any photos you post online gets approved by every member of the group first. As the gal who seems to always be mid sneeze whenever someone says “smile!” I understand the need to be able to veto a photo before it gets posted online and shared with the world.   

friends on lawn 


Fun sashes, cheeky tiaras, confetti, photo props are always recommended. Penis shaped straws, crowns, confetti, piñatas and cakes are hilarious, just don’t overdo it.


5.Lots of prosecco!

Nothing says “time to celebrate” like bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles. For a 3-hour event, they say you should have about 2 bottles of wine per person (unless you have some non-drinkers, or lightweights in the party). Not sure who “they” are, but this little trick has never steered us wrong!

girls with attitude 

6.It’s all about the hen.

Doesn’t matter if you hate dancing. Does the hen loves the idea of a 1920s dance class? (link) Looks like you are going to have to master the Charleston. Have you got some tired bridesmaids falling asleep in the corner, but your hen is still running around from the dancefloor to the bar faster than you can keep up? Get those girls some Jager bombs, stat. Has your hen decided it’s time to go home? Time for you to offer her one last drink or a bite to eat (you may be surprised how fast some food can turn everything around) then take her home and tuck her into bed.


7.Enjoy yourself!

While yes, it may be all about the hen, you need to have some fun too. If you just “love this song!” then go enjoy that song! If you have two kids waiting at home, and it is way past your bedtime then it’s time to check in with the hen, give her a big hug, and make your quiet exit.


8.More than a night out

At House of Hens we have options to suit all different types of lifestyles. If the hen is not much of a drinker, we’ve got you covered. More and more groups are avoiding the binge drinking (and the hellish hangovers that follow). Take a look at activities like go karts, clay shooting, flower crown classes or a pamper spa package. (links)


9.Book early

The earlier you get everything planned and booked in the better! Don’t wait too long, most hens activities book out pretty quickly. You don’t want to miss out on some top activities because the group took months to decide if you wanted a private bar or a boat cruise. Sometimes, when you are having trouble coming up with a plan that makes everyone happy, you just need to make the decision you think is best for everyone involved.

Goboat Melbourne 

10.Water is key

If you (and your hen) want to last all day and all night long, you will need to keep yourself fed and watered. Some of the best ways to do this is to book in a lunch, dinner, or high tea. Schedule that stuff in, so none of it gets forgotten or delayed.


11.Be different!

Everyone has been to the classic hens where you go to a pole class, drink lots of bubbles, wave around some penis shared paraphernalia and then have your party crashed by a policeman/stripper. While there is nothing wrong with this party (there’s a reason it’s a classic), we also have lots of options to shake it up a little. Take your hen axe throwing, quad biking, or to paintball. You can also check out archery attack, bubble soccer or even trade in your bubbles for a cocktail making class. (links)


12.Getting a little awkward?

The best way to break the ice is to play some silly games to get the party started. The hens party is often a mix of girls from all walks of the hens life. Her cousin that she grew up with may not know her current work wife very well, and it can take some time for everyone to get comfortable together. Best way to skip all the awkward chit chat is to play some games to get everybody giggling. Our favourite icebreakers are playing prosecco pong (see: Lots of Prosecco!), sharing some stories about the bride, challenge the girls to a dance off once you get to the venue (for the courageous bridal party), creating some nicknames for each person in the party, or playing naughty Pictionary.

Bonus tip: What is the best activity to break the ice? Book in a Puppetry of the Penis show! It’s a hilarious 30-minute show that get everyone laughing while a puppeteer shows you up to 20 different “tricks”. (link)

men on fire group 

13.Sort the transport

Last thing you want is to walk out of the hair salon, looking fab, with no plan to get to the next activity. Standing around trying to figure out if you should take public transport, book some Ubers, or call limo companies for a last-minute pick up is not ideal. Make a plan!


14.Work as a team

Work together to make the day great! Don’t try to take on all the planning yourself, it can be a really tough job for one person. Does one of the girls have a connection with a venue to score you VIP entry into a nightclub? Have her get you on the list! Have you got someone who goes into full “mom mode” on a night out? Have her book in all the transport for the night.  Keep in mind that at House of Hens we are that friend with connections everywhere. Take a load off the #bridesquad and have us book in everything for you. Then you can focus on enjoying yourself on the day.


15.Dress to impress

A hen’s party is a special day, why not dress up and look your best. This will look a little different for everyone, dress in something that makes you feel good! Some girls love the fancy dresses with all the frills, some prefer leather pants and deep cut blouses. Wear what makes you feel good, walk proud, and represent your squad the way you know how.

girls dressed for night 

16.Dress code awareness

That being said… Make sure you do dress for the dress code though. While having your hen put on silly costumes or deciding it’s a sweatpants and pyjama shirt kind of day sounds like a lot of fun, its best to make sure you all change before you head out on the town. Some venues can have pretty strict dress codes, so make sure you have some clothing that will be a good choice for anywhere the night could take you.


17.Hangover preparedness

Before you leave your hotel/home for your night out, have a bottle of water and some headache remedies sitting next to the bed. Maybe even write a little note for yourself to remind you to drink the water and take the aspirin before you fall into bed. I promise, the next day you will thank me for it. Go the extra mile and make little hangover kits for the whole hens party. Fill them with a small water bottle, painkillers, chocolate, some teabags, facemasks and any other items you can think of.


18. Book with the professionals!

The team at House of Hens are a team of professionals. With years of experience booking group events, we know exactly what you need. We are problem solvers, party starters, and your secret weapon. A memorable hens event is only a click away. Fill out the form below, and we will send a plan your way. All of our plans are fully customisable, and we work with you to make sure it is exactly what you (and the bride to be) want.



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